Mars King Coat


Mars Coat King Dematting Undercoat Grooming Rake Stripper



One of our best selling items of grooming equipment. Mars Coat Kings have the traditional wooden handle and are German engineered so you know they are of the highest quality. Coat Kings are truly the groomers friend and will remove even the toughest tangle or matt. It cuts, strips and combs in one easy time saving operation. Helps to reduce grooming repetitive strain injuries (RSI) too.

  • Use coarse styles to comb out the undercoat, fine styles for finishing.
  • The softer the coat, the finer the gap between the blades.
  • The longer the coat, the finer the gap between the blades.
  • Short coated dogs use closest, finest gap.
  • For Long & Wire coats first use a course Coat King and then the fine one.
  • (The finer the gap between the blades the more blades).

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6 Blades, 8 Blades, 12 Blades, 14 Blades, 16 Blades, 18 Blades, 20 Blades


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